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Meet Gwen

Meet Gwen

We got to know Gwen a little bit better when staff member Katy Deadmond sat down to talk with her. A sixteen-year-old Urban Artisan intern from Greenwood, Gwen explained why art was good for her. “It’s a mediator. It tells people how I’m feeling. Plus it’s a way to get out my ideas.” She explained how art helps her focus; in fact, Gwen was doodling in a notebook during their discussion. Even in school she focuses better if she’s drawing in the margins of her notes. 

She has also learned that working with others isn’t always easy. But, her time at ArtMix has allowed her to gain some insight which she was happy to share with us. “It’s not like a cookie cutter world outside this room. Everyone expects everyone else to fit the ‘cookie cutter of themselves,’ but that’s not true because people have different personalities. And one person might think, ‘oh that person is so annoying, why aren’t they normal?’ But, there’s no definitive ‘normal.’ We all have a different perception of normal.”