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Head to Toe: Forehead and Skull

Head to Toe: Forehead and Skull

Every person is exceptional in their own way. Some people have different exceptionalities than others. Every person has their own battle to fight. I am exceptional because I have an anxiety disorder. It doesn’t make me any less of a person than anyone else; I just handle things differently. Having an exceptionality is not a negative thing. It gives you a chance to see the world through a completely different lens. Exceptional people are the same as people that aren’t exceptional. They just do things differently and have different obstacles to face. Taking this course has been an amazing experience. It shows the impact of art therapy on all people, including those who have exceptionalities. Art is an amazing creative outlet to help deal with the struggles of everyday life. Working with the urban outlet to help deal with the struggles of everyday life. Working with the urban artisans has really emphasized the fact that people with exceptionalities are really no different than those without. They just do things differently, and in some cases, better than those without exceptionalities. The body part that I was given was the forehead and skull. These body parts represent exceptionality because they hold the brain and contain everything that makes you, you. I made my artwork a collage of different people’s heads to represent that each person has their own type of exceptionality.

*** This content was written by a member of the Butler University community during a partnership with a Butler University class and ArtMix; however, this content may not reflect the views of ArtMix.