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Head to Toe: Right Eye

Head to Toe: Right Eye

My body part was the right eye. I created my body part with clay, a sculpting tool, markers, and some fake bristles to help with the eyebrows. My sculpture is important to me because it gave me the ability to interpret a body part on a small piece of paper into whatever I wanted. It gave me free reign and gave me control of how I saw the right eye. This shows my exceptionality as it allows my interpretation, which is different from others, of what I think of when it comes to the right eye and allows me to show my uniqueness. This is what I believe exceptionality is all about. Everyone has their own uniqueness which in its own, is why they are exceptional in their own way. The human eye also reminds me that everyone sees the world in a different way and have had their own experiences. It shows me that I should not judge anyone as they may see things differently than I do.

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