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Head to Toe: Ear

Head to Toe: Ear

Exceptionalities make us unique, special, and individual. The ear, which listens to lots of different sounds from all kinds of people, is great at identifying exceptionality through sound. The sounds that our own ears choose to hear show our own identities and exceptionalities as well. Our ears might like pop music and love the sound of the ocean waves, but our friend’s ears might love classical music and prefer the hustle and bustle of city cars. Maybe we have friends who listen to a different language than we do because English is not a language that they speak at home. I shaped my ears like a music note and incorporated pictures of a violin and music to showcase my individuality. However, I also included images and words that represent common, everyday sounds, such as a dog’s bark, everyday greetings, and clapping, as a way to show that, while we have differences, we are also connected.

***This content was written by a member of the Butler University community during a partnership with a Butler University class and ArtMix; however, this content may not reflect the views of ArtMix.