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Head to Toe: Ear "Sense-ational"

The ear is one of the five sense that  a person is born with. We, however, are not always given the power to use each of them. When I think of an ear, I think of our other senses, all working together to create a comprehensive body language. Whether we have the ability to use the ear for its given function, we can use our present abilities to understand what its given function may be. The power of our senses works to create a common language; exceptionality forces us to use what we have. The senses work to communicate with each other and create a picture of understanding, when one sense may not be able to do it alone. The ear can do what the other sense cannot, but at the same time, can aid in the functions of the others.

***This content was written by a member of the Butler University community during a partnership with a Butler University class and ArtMix; however, this content may not reflect the views of ArtMix.