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What We Do

WorkSmart - team building through the arts

The WorkSmart experience is ArtMix’s team-building initiative designed to offer your team a fun, interactive art experience. Our inclusive and adaptive art studios provide a relaxing environment outside of the usual work setting for teams of all sizes and people of all abilities. Our professional teaching artists provide a tailor-made experience for your group based on your desired outcomes and needs.

Each WorkSmart experience is designed to:

  • Jumpstart collaboration
  • Strengthen team cohesiveness
  • Foster problem-solving skills
  • Cultivate productivity
  • And unleash overall creativity 

WorkSmart has three different two-hour experiences, each designed to engage your team at a specific level. No previous art experience is required for any option. Groups can choose from painting on canvas OR creating with clay for any of the following options: 

Mix & Mingle

In Mix & Mingle each participant will create his or her own piece of artwork. While our teaching artist guides you through the project, you can socialize, have fun, and get to know your teammates in a relaxing environment. At the end of the session each person will take home their own creation.

Creation Rotation

During Creation Rotation, with instruction from the teaching artist, each participant will start by creating his or her own piece of art. After a set amount of time, each member will rotate and continue working on their neighbor’s piece. By the end of the session each person will leave with a collaboratively created piece of art.

Collaborative Vision

When groups participate in Collaborative Vision, the entire team will work together to create a masterpiece that represents your organizational vision. With the help of our teaching artist, your team will determine an overall design and each member will contribute to the finished piece.


  • Groups up to 15: $750
  • Groups 16-30: $1350
  • Groups 31-45: $1800

Have a business meeting to conduct? Use our studios for one hour before or after your session for just $75.

For more information and to schedule your WorkSmart session contact Jessi Klein at or 317-974-4123.