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Who We Are

Why We Do What We Do

Creativity, Collaboration, and Respect

ArtMix Cares

Student and teaching artist paint together using adaptable tools

Creativity, collaboration and respect are the values that uphold the ArtMix mission. At ArtMix we support creativity by sparking curiosity and valuing originality and quality. We foster collaboration by developing and maintaining relationships with others through the strength of teamwork and the blending of skills. And, we establish respect by treating all people with consideration and dignity in an ethical and honest manner.

Overall, ArtMix strives to create a welcoming environment that breaks down barriers. By providing an inclusive space for people of all ages and all abilities, ArtMix allows individuals to express themselves.

Breaking Down Barriers

A young boy uses adaptive art equipment to transform his wheelchair into a painting tool.

Barriers in our society limit people with disabilities every day. One of the primary barriers is simply the label of 'disability.' As a result, people with disabilities are often excluded or devalued. The exclusion and isolation that are a regular experience among people with disabilities, unnaturally magnify the effects of disability. This tends to discount the skills, expertise, and abilities that these individuals can offer their communities. 

How do we break down barriers? ArtMix uses adaptable tools and equipment that allow people of varying abilities to create in a way that works for them. ArtMix programs are led by professional teaching artists, who are professional artists who have been trained to work with people with different abilities. Our teaching artists know how to adjust their lesson plans so that every student is able to participate.

Building Up Art

Emily Compton, Teaching Artist, assists an IPS Student

At ArtMix, we believe that the arts can overcome these barriers. We have built a community around the arts that provides people of all abilities with opportunities for self-expression and socialization. Studies show that the arts can enhance education, communicate experiences, and unite diverse cultures

People with disabilities who practice visual, literary, and performing arts contribute more to the social, cultural, and economic life of their communities. So, our students are not only growing individually, they are building a community together.