ArtMix transforms the lives of people with disabilities through the creation of art.

  • Building community on a foundation of creativity, collaboration, and respect.

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What is identity? It’s everything about you.  Not only your name, what you look like and your information, but everything – from the hobbies you have, your political viewpoints, your religion, the type of music you listen to, your sense of fashion, your personal history, the friends you hang out with, and anything else you could possibly come up with.  It can be not only the way you see yourself, but also the way others perceive you. Art is a great way to express your identity, you would find that art at its very core is all about sharing identity – whether it’s personal identity or a cultural or community identity.

Over the years Molly has grown and become a leader in the studio.

Coming here really helped him with his social skills. He’s a lot more outgoing, more controlled and he’s definitely a lot happier.